Ramadan Ends and Holiday Begins

Aulia Masna - 20 August 2012

The month of Ramadan has ended and what follows is a week-long institutionalised holiday across Indonesia, mandated by the government as people tend to go home to celebrate Eid, which happened to be yesterday. Like Thanksgiving in the US, Eid is a time for families to come together, to generally ask for forgiveness so they can start another year with a clean slate, and usually the kids get presents, or new clothes. It’s almost like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year all rolled in to one, if you’re not familiar with the tradition.

Before you wonder where this post is going, no, this hasn’t got anything to do with startups or technology or the usual topics that DailySocial tend to cover on a daily basis. This post is an announcement that DailySocial will not have its usual crop of stories during the holidays as we wind down our operations this week. Yes, we’ll still have our posts but our columns will be put on holiday and the frequency of posts reduced. If you think you’ve got an important news or update to share with us, let us know via Twitter @dailysocial or message us on Google+.

Happy holidays!

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