Reviewing the Promotion and Monetization Strategies of

Reviewing the Promotion and Monetization Strategies of

Reviewing the Promotion and Monetization Strategies of
Reviewing the Promotion and Monetization Strategies of

Since its emergence, continues to grow, both from members and from the developments relating to the introduction of this service to the public. DailySocial first wrote about SixReps in early October while it still in the introduction and not open to the public yet. One thing which for me should be underlined is the CEO of this service and niche segments they’re targeting.

SixReps implemented strategies to create a niche social networking, with a special segment of sports fans – fitness. Although it can be used by all people, but various features and facilities that exist in SixReps are optimizing fitness fans users. Denny Santoso (founder and CEO of SixReps) also mastered the field of fitness, because of his background as a CEO of Ultimate Nutrition Indonesia. It’s a mix that can support each other.

Recently I ‘chatted’ via email with Denny Santoso and asked him about the promotion and monetization strategy he did. For information, Denny Santoso takes a role in marketing and benefits to users related in SixReps while Sanny Gaddafi handles the technical part.

There are some things related to the promotion and monetization that is now and will be run by SixReps. Denny Santoso explained that SixReps now cooperates with Men’s Health, Gold’s Gym, as well as some fitness services such as the Elite Club Epicentrum, Clark Hatch Surabaya. For some cooperation, it is in the form of free trial promotion and co-promotion, such as cooperation with the Elite Club Epicentrum and Clark Hatch in Surabaya.

While some other cooperations are quite interesting, although still in the form of promo but it likely will give effect to SixReps, at least a recognition from the potential users or members who have joined SixReps services, like the cooperation with the Men’s Health and the Gold’s Gym.

Dennis explained that the cooperation with Men’s Health is in the form of official partners. Sixreps’ banners appeared on Urban Athlon Men’s Health site. SixReps users also got buy-1-get-2 free tickets facilities of the event that will be held on April 24. As for for Gold’s Gym, there are some agreements, such as a 14-day free trial for SixReps members.

The most interesting is SixReps program that works together with Ultimate Nutrition Indonesia (where Denny Santoso became a CEO). There will be an event, Ultimate Body Contest Roadshow 2011 in May and will be held in 13 major cities in Indonesia. This event will use SixReps Passport as identification for participants who want to register on the site. Why is it interesting, to me is not about the show but on the use of SixReps Passport as the main door to get event facilities.

Denny Santoso explained that, “SixReps Passport is a Netizen identity card which will be valid internationally after the joint venture proccess by Ultimate Nutrition, Inc. is completed. This Passport can be printed and taken to various partners SixReps to get certain benefits.”

For additional information, SixReps is in the middle of a negotiation with Ultimate Nutrition. It seemed that more info can be found on StartupLokal Meetup event that will be held on Saturday tomorrow. Reportedly, the number of funds offered in SixReps is big enough to expand this service to many countries.

The application of SixReps Passport system is quite interesting, although its application is in offline form, at least the opportunity for additional users could happen. If later the cooperation grows for SixReps Passport access, it certainly could be an attraction for old and new users. SixReps Passport could be obtained by joining the SixReps social network, the users can print this ‘netizen ID cards’ and use it to perform the activities associated with SixReps’ partners.

As for monetization strategy, some nearest programs that will run is the Ads Platform and Gym Membership. Denny explained, this Gym Membership is, “a platform where the gym which becomes our partners will be promoted on the website, plus a membership registration can be done right in In addition, “members will get more benefits by joining through SixReps. For example, you will get a free additional month or some amount of discount, or even later would be a credit card installment, etc. We’ll make it as a platform where later would be in scale to all SixReps locations, especially when it’s going global”.

As for the ads platform, SixReps opens their services to brand owners who want to use the SixReps service in the process of special offers for SixReps members. One of the several implementation strategies is some kind of banner that is now also available at the right SixReps service.

With its background as well as support from the growing fitness market share, the opportunity for monetization and promotion is big enough. The community also became an important point for the development that occurred in SixReps. One thing to note is how to make SixReps members to continue active in that social network. I saw the interaction occurs now (update status and make comments) grew quite rapidly compared to its early service, users who post blogs and share also grew, but at some facilities, such as uploading photos and body progress and workout features are still not as busy as status updates activity.

Since it’s launched to the public, currently SixReps has had more than 13,000 members (approximately for 4 months from the end of November 2010), for the average time user spent on their site is 18 minutes, while for the page views is approximately 426.000 page views / month.

The market share that has been segmented provides a sufficient directed opportunities for promotion program conducted by SixReps, and of course the development of the application of SixReps Passport is interesting to watch. SixReps probably could develop SixReps Passport to no need to print, simply show it with your mobile device. Gym Membership application development is also quite interesting to watch when later executed, because the fitness world is still growing (as a simple example, it can be seen from the incessant promotion of the fitness and growth of premium fitness locations in some areas) and has a quite loyal market share.

The integration of SixReps services and promotion programs and everything related to the monetization is also an important part. Providing attractive an useful promotional programs will of course add some value for SixReps service members, which must also be in line with SixReps monetization strategy.

Translated by Nita Sellya. adalah portal berita startup dan inovasi teknologi. Kamu bisa menjadi member komunitas startup dan inovasi, mengunduh laporan riset dan statistik seputar teknologi secara cuma-cuma, dan mengikuti berita startup Indonesia dan gadget terbaru.

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