Rudiantara Puts His Focus to Unblock Vimeo

Amir Karimuddin - 6 November 2014

A different approach is shown by the new Ministry of Communication and Information Rudiantara to resolve the issue of Vimeo’s blockage. Instead of fully blocking the website, Rudiantara wants Vimeo to automatically filter inproper content out of its services. This is really contrast to the approach of previous Minister, Tifatul Sembiring, who, according to Trust Positif, has totally blocked any access to Vimeo since last May.

According to Vivanews, Rudiantara mentioned, “I have been trying to reach Vimeo’s legal consult in New York, but there is no response has been made so far. I left him a message, too. If this is not successful, I will send them an email. We have future generations to keep, to whom we owe a secure and healthy internet network to.”

We do agree with Mr. Minister that the filtering to be the best option to take. This refers to the fact that Vimeo is also widely used by Indonesian users to share quality content, something which differentiates Vimeo to Youtube.

This filtering feature has been implemented by DailyMotion since years ago. The platform blocks the access to inappropriate content based on certain keywords. Considering that DailyMotion doesn’t display the “Healthy Internet” label for each video it blocks, it is apparent that the platform has successfully implemented its filtering system to administer accesses made using Indonesian IPs.

To reduce the “leak” caused by the DNS blockage by the government, the MCI has instructed each and every internet provider to block the access to alternative DNS, like Google Public DNS and OpenDNS.

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