SaaS Platform Nusatalent Engaged in Human Resource Market

Eyeing two target markets, fresh graduate or students looking for internship and company in need for "head hunting" service

Prayogo Ryza - 6 August 2018

Solutions for job seeking and human resource service are being created and innovation to produce the simplest, most efficient and accurate process. Departing from this vision, Nusatalent works. It focuses on the human resource (HR) field with solutions designed to help the HR team job.

Nusatalent develops two products. First, it's a head-hunting service developed to help the HR team seeking candidates, interviews, and provide a recommendation for the suitable ones.

The second product is a software to help the HR team create recruitment plans and use its database to find the suitable candidates based on the existing filters.

Vincentia Sherren, Nusatalent's CSO, told DailySocial that they began its operation in March 2018 with bootstrap funding. Two products of Nusatalent become their business' leading products.

"Nusatalent is in bootstrapping stage and in discussion with several venture capitals and angel investors," Sherren explained.

Currently, with the two top products, comes two types of target users. First, students looking for information and internship opportunities or fresh graduates seeking a job. The second target is companies in need of headhunting service and recruitment software.

"Partnership with approximately 100 companies with a total database of 5,000 students," Sherren said on their achievement.

Nusatalent is optimistic enough to survive, develop, and accepted by the public. It's because they have passed the market validation stage and working just fine. Now, for the remaining year, they're targeting to increase student users in their system to be offered to the suitable company in need.

"This year's target and also plan is to have approximately 20 thousand students in the database to be distributed over companies for we want to help students having difficulty in finding a job due to intense competition," she concluded.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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