SaaS Startup Now Has Over 80 Thousand Users

It provides new services for tax calculation and cashflow management

Randi Eka - 6 July 2018

Many SMEs are optimizing business processes with a digital approach as technology productivity services are increasingly in demand for the Indonesian market. It includes technology products made by the local startup, one of them is In Yogyakarta’s media gathering, Anthony Kosasih,‘s COO, explained that the current SaaS service carries more than 80 thousand users, with over 60 thousand business registered from various regions in Indonesia. presents a variety of digital accounting products designed to simplify administrative and business operational process. With such applications, businesses (especially SMEs) can easily make the financial record, list of items, reports, and issuing invoice. User’s higher interest demands to innovate more on products. The latest ones are “Tax Center Journal” and “Budgeting” services.

Jurnal Tax Center was released to simplify tax calculation and preparation process integrated with Jurnal. Therefore, SMEs with recorded cash flows and employee expenses can directly use the service to automate the tax calculation. Budgeting feature has released as a financial controller for entrepreneurs to manage the cash flow turnover occurred in business.

“With the shifting of SME’s tax regulation to 0.5%, the focus is to help entrepreneurs fulfill their tax obligations with an easy solution,” Kosasih said.

In 2018, Kosasih mentioned that will strengthen the expansion process to all major cities in Indonesia. One of the approaches is to conduct free business training and seminar, introducing SMEs with the technology-based business system.

Previously, has released the Jurnal Pay feature in collaboration with Xendit, a payment portal for business transactions through a virtual account. The feature allows SMEs to do two things at once, withdraw funds from customers via bank transfer or credit card, and help SMEs to make scheduled payments.

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