ScanBuku, Store Your Bookshelf in a Hard Drive

Andi Miftachul - 11 April 2012

If you are a book collector and have moved from one house/boarding house to another, you must have felt the burden of moving your book collection to your new home. Books, due to the weight and number, will weigh you, especially if you often move from one location of residence to another.

Now, there’s a service called ScanBuku, which offers to convert your book collection into digital form. By sending your books to them, ScanBuku will scan your book and give you a link to download your e-book in PDF format. Andri, owner of ScanBuku, as excerpted from Kompas Tekno, describes that this service is created because of the difficulty that the book owner must face regarding reading and taking care of their books.

By creating the digital version, it will be easy for book owner to collect, take care, carry and read their collection. Moreover, with the increasing presence of tablets, owning a collection of e-book will be much more fun instead of carrying conventional printed book everywhere.

Unfortunately, you will lose your book after converting them into digital format. As described on its website, your book will be dismantled and cut about half a centimeter from the back to be scanned. Even though ScanBuku offers a service to bind the books again after scanning (at additional cost), of course, this re-born version will never be the same with the book’s original state.

ScanBuku’s site,, is quite simple with a logo that I suspect is taken from several icons from the internet and went through a simple editing. But it gives quite complete information about its service, including the term and condition of its service.

If you are interested, you can visit ScanBuku’s site to get more information. With only Rp15.000 for each 100 pages, you will get a digital version of your book. If you want to scan a lot of books, ScanBuku offers a membership so you can get better service with lower price. Another advantage of ScanBuku, payment is available not only for BCA and Mandiri, but it also accepts PayPal. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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