Sealing First Round Investment, mClinica Adds Indonesia as Its First Priority

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 24 October 2014

One of Singapore-based startups, mClinica, has just sealed a funding from three global investment enterprises, i.e 500Startups, IMJ Investment Partners, and Kickstart Ventures. After closing this undisclosed first round of investment, mClinica moves directly for a business expansion in Indonesia, as the startup aims to strengthen its branding in Southeast Asia.

mClinica, which was established back in 2012, focuses on providing technology solution to health industry. The platform links pharmaceutical companies to the patients through a mobile app. It has numerous integrated programs, from mobile app for patients and pharmacists to cloud-based platform called mClinica 360 which helps pharmaceutical companies and distributors as well as drugstores analyzing the market.

As e27 reported yesterday (23/10), Indonesia is not the only mClinica’s target. In fact, a number of other Southeast Asian countries, e.g Vietnam, Thailand, and others which have huge potential are not excluded from the platform’s plan. Besides relying on the funding they’ve just received, mClinica also plans to keep enhancing its business performance in order to reach 550 million smartphone users in 25 Asian and African countries.

Minette Navarette, Kickstart’s President, stated that her decision in funding mClinica was based on her belief that mClinica is the right platform to answer problems in health industry, and that it can bring in huge profit to the company.

“mClinica is improving medical retailing for patients and retail customers, drug stores, and large pharmaceutical firms. By combining proprietary software solutions with genuine insight into patient needs, a deep understanding of the pharma industry, and on-the-ground retail experience in emerging markets, mClinica is creating real value throughout the ecosystem, and its traction shows it,” Navarette stated.

Koichi Saito, IMJ Investment Partners’ Director, was on the same page as Navarette. He mentioned that it was mClinica’s clear and promising business model which has caught his attention.

“mClinica is the most exciting mobile health startup we have come across. It has been able to show incredible growth based on a unique double bottom line business model – the better it does as a business, the better patients do,” Saito mentioned.

Saito’s opinion was based of the fact that mClinica has maintained such remarkable growth. Today, the platform has partnered with more than 14.000 pharmaceutical companies in 20 countries. Even in the Philippines, one of two independent pharmaceutical companies there has become a part of mClinica, making the platform as the biggest health-based startup in the country. What about its potential in Indonesia?

Well, so far, there has yet been a platform similar to mClinica exists here in Indonesia. Given this fact, it’s not impossible to see mClinica reaching its glory along with the better Indonesian pharmaceutical industry.

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