Selling Music in an Easy, Fast and Fun Way With DoTuku

Selling Music in an Easy, Fast and Fun Way With DoTuku

Selling Music in an Easy, Fast and Fun Way With DoTuku
Selling Music in an Easy, Fast and Fun Way With DoTuku

Many ways to take advantage of internet technology to monetize music content continues to be developed. The newest one, Ardhi Nurdin, a member of Jikustik band or commonly known as Daditz, made a platform where artist can sell their music. This platform is called DoTuku.

DoTuku uses payment scheme which named Dot and Tuku. Tuku is a voucher to buy music uploaded by artist on DoTuku. A song worth 5 Tuku on default and can be raised based on the popularity of the song or the artist’s effort to promote the song.

The artist will receive Dot if their song is downloaded. User will also receive some amount of Dot after downloading a song. For the artist, Dot can be exchanged with Rupiah while regular user can use Dot to purchase item with special price at DoTuku Store.

User can register for free on DoTuku. But to download a song, they have to upgrade the membership to active member by paying a fee and given capital Tuku. DoTuku mentions that it receives bank transfer, credit card and PayPal for payment. However, there is not information on how payment is done, yet.

The format of the song is MP3. Although it already anticipated for the songs in DoTuku’s server not to be grabbed with software such as Internet Download Manager, DoTuku does not explain how it prevent the downloaded MP3 files from being duplicated or reuploded to other place.

Daditz developed DoTuku together with two music marketing people, Wawan AEC and Agung Bramanto, and two IT Sidik Murdiono and Fariz GTJ. DoTuku is motivated by their restlessness about the music industry after the end of CD era and RBT era has overcast. They see that the internet can help musician to market their music easily. In the end, DoTuku concept is born with the tagline, “Easy, Fast, Fun”.

The concept that DoTuku develops seems to observe how user is attracted to download not only once but comes back to download another song through Dot scheme. In addition, DoTuku’s founder’s experience in music industry becomes a unique benefit to develop DoTuku.

Until today, there are many artists who joined DoTuku. Other than local bands from Yogyakarta, there are famous bands which joined such as Jikustik, Ecoutez, Barry Likumahua Project and The Kubs. adalah portal berita startup dan inovasi teknologi. Kamu bisa menjadi member komunitas startup dan inovasi, mengunduh laporan riset dan statistik seputar teknologi secara cuma-cuma, dan mengikuti berita startup Indonesia dan gadget terbaru.

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