Shipper Bags 70 Billion Rupiah, Tightening Its Position as the Logistics Aggregator

Raised from Lightspeed Ventures, Floodgate Ventures, Insignia Ventures Partners, Convergence Ventures and Y Combinator

Randi Eka - 24 September 2019

The logistics aggregator platform, Shipper, today announced seed funding worth of $5 million or equivalent to 70.3 billion Rupiah. The investors include Lightspeed Ventures, Floodgate Ventures, Insignia Ventures Partners, Convergence Ventures and Y Combinator. It tops up the previous round for $150 thousand after participated in the Y Combinator accelerator program.

The fund is to focus on talent and user acquisition. After its launching in 2017, Shipper is now serving more than 25 thousand online sellers. The increasing e-commerce traction and sales through social media has boosted the logistics business initiated by Phil Opamuratawongse and Budi Handoko.

Indonesia has a unique order in terms of geographic. It consists of many islands and has its own challenge for logistics business. They believe the condition cannot be solved by a single company. Based on Shipper's internal data, there are about 2,500 registered logistics working on various segments in Indonesia.

Many of the logistics cover the small areas, but they didn't really understand the location - related to the access reliability, for some locations are hard to reach. Shipper allows sellers to have relevant logistics services, that can accommodate efficient delivery to each destination.

They also provide pick-up courier and to include pick-up point for the package. In addition to track, the technology is also designed to help logistics in managing the package. It includes to calculate the best route. A special API also created for business consumer, to connect Shipper solution to partner's platform.

Shipper is to target 1,000 micro hubs for pick up and 20 logistics center. They also have ambition for regional expansion, targeting Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines for the next years.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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