SIRCLO and ICUBE Merged, Aims to be a Comprehensive E-commerce Enabler

ICUBE's Founder, Muliadi Jeo is now SIRCLO's CTO

Yenny Yusra - 9 June 2020

The e-commerce enabler platform SIRCLO announced the business merger with ICUBE, which is an agency providing e-commerce technology solutions. Through this corporate action, they expect to get more clients from both companies with different business variations.

The business merger also gathers more than 450 employees of the two companies. Nevertheless, it was agreed that ICUBE would still be operated as an independent entity integrated with SIRCLO services. Muliadi Jeo, as the founder of ICUBE is to replace Leontius Adhika Pradhana as SIRCLO’s CTO; While Leontius switched roles to CPO.

“SIRCLO wants to continue to provide the best services and solutions for brands to develop online businesses. We keep our doors open for opportunities to improve our capabilities. When we see the potential of joining ICUBE, we are confident to run this mission in a larger scale and more comprehensive way through a combination of the two companies,” SIRCLO’s CEO Brian Marshal said.

The two companies, through this merger, have ambitions to become e-commerce solutions providers through a more comprehensive end-to-end platform in facilitating various types of businesses. Currently, SIRCLO has focused on big brands and SMEs. Meanwhile, ICUBE is focused on medium scale businesses willing to have their own online sales site.

“After 20 years of service, we want to accommodate more clients from various types of business with the solution we offer. SIRCLO is the right and strategic partner in achieving these goals. Together we can build the main e-commerce ecosystem in Indonesia,” said Muliadi Jeo.

This pandemic encourages more businesses and consumers to depend on e-commerce platforms to meet their needs. In the current situation, technology owners and e-commerce solutions are very complex for brand owners to be able to discuss the market at large.

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