Sirka Secures Seed Funding Worth of 37 Billion Rupiah

Funding was led by AC Ventures and Wavemaker Group, Maudy Ayunda also participated as an angel investor

After securing funding in early September 2021 from Sequoia Capital India, Y Combinator and Tim Lee (ex-Sequoia), Sirka.io announced follow-on funding for the seed round. They raised a total value of $2.6 million or equivalent to 37.4 billion Rupiah, this round was led by AC Ventures and the Wavemaker Group.

Maudy Ayunda also participated as a new investor. This is acqually her second funding for a digital startup after previously investing in the online grocery platform Segari.

The fresh money will be used to build a health community. Sirka also plans to enrich the platform features and offerings, conducting research and partnerships with medical advisors and F&B, as well as drug supply providers to increase the success of pre-chronic weight loss and health recovery programs.

Sirka is currently focusing on subscription-based weight loss counseling. Going forward, the company is exploring drugs and other long-term support supplies to treat chronic diseases such as diabetes.

"We believe in the power of technology, science, information and human empathy to simplify the personal wellness journey. That's why we created a low-cost approach to help people understand and optimize their health through in-home assessments, personalized action plans and ongoing monitoring, starting with weight management,” Sirka's Co-Founder & CEO, Rifanditto Adhikara said.

Relevant tools

Since the launching in April 2021, Sirka.io has reached user growth up to 60% every month. The exclusive program is claimed to have helped more than a thousand members prevent or manage chronic diseases through personal weight loss.

They have also available in 32 cities with a total of 10 nutritionists and nutritionists. In order to align the company's mission and vision, Sirka.io does not recruit partners, but directly hires nutritionists as employees. According to the company, this method is currently more efficient for the company.

Previously, the Sirka's current concept was widely offered offline for users expecting to get personal nutrition consultations. Sirka.io provides options to do all these activities online directly to qualified nutritionist partners.

With a mission to help people live healthier, Sirka products are made more affordable and convenient. Direct communication with healthcare professionals allows regular contacts and guidance, ultimately providing users with relevant costs for weight loss solutions.

“Starting with a nutritionist available to contact at the right times through an app. We love Sirka's approach to leveraging technology and knowledge for functional well-being that is within the reach of millions of people," AC Ventures' Founder & Managing Partner, Adrian Li said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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