Berita is Preparing Their Service for The US Market

Several days ago, I received press release from Sanny Gaddafi - explained that they have just done soft launching of their service in the US at the Olympia Weekend 2011 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This soft launching might be the sign of their strategy, as written on DailySocial, to work on foreign market. Because of this news, I contacted Denny Santoso, the founder and CEO of

Denny explained that now in the US, they just did the super-soft-launch to get market-insight. As reported, Sixreps is on the negotiation process with the US investor to get market target for their service. This improvement can be the preparation for it. As added by Denny from his explanation on his email, now Sixreps is waiting for the investment process to be completed.

Unfortunately, Denny could not attend the event because of the visa problem. However, if there is no obstacle, the scale up of the US market will be done around the new year which means in the beginning of 2012.

If we read the official press release, it seems that this is the introduction for the foreign users (US), because there are also the explanations about some features on the SixReps service as social network for fitness and sport enthusiast in which Indonesian users has understood. As the built-in database from exercise program, fitness modules and some social network facilities are provided. There is also SixReps passport which will be available internationally.

Denny also explained that the development of is now concentrated on the internal factors including infrastructure and server maintenance, which are important since now they are going to work on international market. "Recently, server can accommodate up to 5000 user connection in the same time."

Nowadays, there are some users from the US has been SixReps members but still in few number. SixReps also reported as still in maintaining and improving feature process. As stated by Denny "Even we still inactivate the feature like exercise programs because we are doing big renovation on the engine. Therefore, we got little bit lower member statistic because some main features are inactive. So now, it’s more on wall and fitness discussion forum, plus body progress photo upload."

Personally, I am interested on, if you are following DailySocial, even when this site was preparing to release, I have written about it. Some of the reasons, as some other DS articles, are because the market in Indonesia (and international) is big and Denny’s as CEO has been experienced on fitness segment business. Although in the development, I see that the site design is not maximized enough but the latest development of their site has a better design and feature, which means that their improving their services.

As the recap for my interview with Denny, he stated "in the future, SixReps will not only be a social network only, but will be more stressed on Connecting Social Fitness. What will it be like? Just wait for the new features launching."

So, Let’s wait for the new development of

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