Sleekr Officially Forms Consolidation with Three Startups, “Rebranding” to Mekari

Kristin Siagian - 11 April 2019

Sleekr, an SaaS startup for cloud-based HR solution, has announced a new name, Mekari, as the consolidation result (M&A) with Talenta, Jurnal, and Klikpajak. The business is expected to grow four times up along the increase of SME’s business productivity as consumers.

Suwandi Soh, Mekari’s CEO, previously was Sleekr’s CEO, said the consolidation process has started for a year gradually and supported by the investors. However, he’s yet to reveal further detail regarding investment value of the M&A series.

In Mekari’s board of directors, Jurnal’s CEO, Daniel Witono is appointed as CPO, and Anthony Kosasih, Jurnal’s COO has now become Mekari’s. Total employees after M&A has reached 360.

Quoted from Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo), the SMEs that using digital technology is currently at 6.5 million from 59.2 million throughout Indonesia.

“Mekari, through this consolidation, trying to offer complete and solid soolution for SMEs. After this, we’re going to build up the low digital awareness, which is only 9%-10% (Deloitte Study) SMEs using digital access,” he mentioned, Wed (4/10).

Future Business Plan

In the first stage, Mekari is to focus on all startup services integration as one platform, in order to create more seamless customer’s experience. Everything will be executed gradually and to be finalized this year.

Furthermore, Mekari’s platform will be designed as platform-as-a-service (PaaS) integrated with the other tech startups which is capable to provide additional value to consumers.

Talenta, focused on HRIS software which facilitate business through payroll automation or Resource management. Sleekr, an intuitive modern solution of employee management for developing companies.

Meanwhile, Jurnal is a business software to make financial management and business record easier. Last, Klikpajak, the tax management app for private and business. Klikpajak was founded in the beginning of this year and supported by Indonesia’s Tax Directorate General as registered software.

“Each product has its own advantage with more innovation to develop. There are many products we intend to develop and to be released within this year. There might be one or two to be announced in Mekari Conference.”

The result is to extend consumer’s target of various business scale. Without any detailed number, Soh explained that Mekari has hundred thousands of users from thousands of companies.

Mekari’s subscription fee has varied, depends on what kind of services, starts from Rp20 thousand per person for Sleekr, up to Rp200 thousand for Jurnal’s accounting service.

Sleekr operates under MidPlaza Holdings. Last year, the company has received investment from Money Forward with undisclosed value. In 2016, Sleekr has made acquisition over SaaS startup, Kiper.

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