Smaato’s Research on Mobile Advertising in Asia Pacific

Randi Eka - 8 September 2015

Smaato, one of mobile advertising platform providers, recently published its report entitled “Global Trends in Mobile Programmatic Report”. The report refers to the statistic of Smaato’s advertising performance during the first semester of 2015. In general, the report suggests that smartphone users’ adoption on mobile web keeps growing significantly. This is supported by the growth of mobile internet access in dense areas, including Indonesia, China, and India.

Those three countries indeed had the highest growth during 2014-2015, tailing the U.S. The growth was quite impressive, as China noted 315 percent of growth, India with 279 percent, Singapore with 225 percent, Indonesia with 142 percent and Malaysia with 126 percent. According to Smaato’s CEO Ragnar Kruse, this marks the start of the rise of mobile advertising, which is started with mobile web and continued with mobile apps.

Within the report, Smaato also stated that more and more digital advertisers now target families and elders who use smartphone, as the number got doubled during this year’s first semester. While those who target vertical demography “only” went up 87 percent.

Digital advertising trend according to storage media and platform

Advertisers no longer focus on user’s age or level of being tech-savvy, as the gap is fading away. A study by Common Sense Media even suggested that 72 percent of children aged under eight use tablet or smartphone already.

According to Smaato’s analysis, the advertisers who are aware with the categorization of their audience get four time bigger revenue than the others. The most common catogories are based on the audience’s age and gender.

Android still being the displayer with most ads on its apps with 32 percent, while iOS (20 percent) and Windows (5 percent) followed. The display of ads is adjusted with the current trend among the people, big-screen gadgets. The demand for big sized ads (300×250 and above) increased up to 250 percent, while the demand for small-sized ones got decreasing.

The next trend showed that developers who equip their ads with interactive content enjoyed mouth-watering revenue, 83 percent higher than those who don’t. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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