Social Media Strategy For Startup

Discussion with Abang Edwin in #SelasaStartup

Although considered very effective, digital marketing is not easy, precisely requires proper tactics, because when a brand plunge into the digital world, they will face a fairly complicated competition. As a business focuses on digital innovation, it is important for startup to formulate its best strategy in digital marketing. One of today’s most effective digital marketing channels is no other than social media.

Discussing on how social media can have an impact on startup marketing, DailySocial in weekly discussion #SelasaStartup sessions (7/11) presents CEO Bangwin Consulting Abang Edwin as a speaker. The man, usually called Bangwin, gives presentation titled "Social Media for Startup", contains startup tips to increase product awareness through social media.

Get started with introducing the product

A strategy which can be optimized through social media is to attract the attention of consumers or clients. The trick is to throw a variety of issues commonly faced by market share, then offer the products or solutions concluded. One of the best response in social media is when the public shows their interest to the published products or services, especially to be able to discuss regarding its problem.

"The role of social media is to make the products from the company can be known by many, resulting in a good relationship with the user and giving a positive response to our products," said Bangwin.

Social media strategy for startup

There are two things presented by Bangwin related to startup strategies in improving the performance of digital marketing through social media, namely One Time Set-up and Daily Engagement. One Time Set-up is related to the way the startup matures the identity associated with its brand. The startup identity in social media must be strong, it has to be linked to all activities. Such reinforcement can be done through optimization of profile pages or published content.

Daily Engagement deals with how social media become a medium for communicating between startup and its customers. The more conversations occured, the better score for the Daily Engagement. The most important part is the context, the consistency of content and social media strategies in delivering messages which appropriate and useful to followers on social media. Every post on it will have a value called Rate Impressions.

Content creativity plays a central role

The main trigger for consumers to be interested in discussing through social media is content. It does not have to be rigid to promote products or services on an ongoing basis, sometimes it needs more expressive content, such as quotes, visual content, quizzes and others. However, please notice the majority of the followers on social media.

"The point is that they notice the brand or product provided by startup is in accordance with their needs. Through images and facts given by social media which affect the personality of the product is the idea that should happened to a lot of enthusiasts, "said Bangwin.

The main purpose of social media is to ensure visitors to be more interested in the products they have. It includes of making the brand well-recognized, even make an impression to generate indirect promotion by consumers to the environment.

- Original article is written in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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