Sribu Goes Deeper into Freelance World with SribuLancer

Avi Tejo Bhaskoro - 11 July 2014

Sribu, an online design crowdsourcing service website, recently released its latest product called SribuLancer. While Sribu is known as a service for business owners to find graphic designers, now, it is has put together a way for all kinds of freelancers offering various kinds of services such as programming, copywriting, multimedia, and even marketing services.

For those who are already familiar with Freelancer. com, SribuLancer offers a similar outsourcing marketplace concept in which various solutions for online work are made available. SribuLancer works similar to how Sribu works. For business owners who need to hire freelancers, they only have to post what sort of freelancer they need. Similar to other outsource marketplaces, potential hirers are required to publish the pay rate according to the expected work load .

For freelancers, SribuLancer indeed becomes a new opportunity to make money. All they need is an internet connection. The scheme is similar to Sribu, where the freelancers can view job vacancies and apply for them. In this regard, the salary provided varies depending on the job type. The works submitted will also be selected by the hirer.

Although there is no official announcement yet, we assume that SribuLancer is one of the implementations of the second series funding which Sribu co-founder Ryan Gondokusumo revealed last February. SribuLancer, which is only available in beta version at the moment, might receive a large scale-attention as well since it offers jobs which are more various than other similar websites.

The remaining question now is, will Sribu merge its platform with SribuLancer once it is fully operational?


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