AI Data Labeling Startup Datasaur Announces Seed Round from GDP Ventures

Introducing NLP based solution for faster and more efficient data labeling process

Kristin Siagian - 24 May 2019

Datasaur, a startup for data labeling, has announced their seed round from GDP Venture. The development of this new service was due to the rise of AI. Behind every AI algorithm are thousands of human-labeled training examples. Organizing and labeling such data today is tedious, time-consuming and expensive.

Datasaur develops smart tools to make labeling more productive and efficient. It emphasizes a policy of privacy and data safety – previously, labeling was often outsourced and data could end up in the wrong hands. Based on the announcement by Datasaur’s Founder & CEO, Ivan Lee, the system will use AI-based models and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to proactively suggest labels and save time.

Project management tools are included for organizing data and assuring accuracy. Labels that do not match previous labels or do not make sense contextually will be submitted to another labeler for verification. In the first phase, Datasaur is focused on text-based data. It has plans to expand to audio in the near future.

“We have secured a seed round of funding. Since announcing last week, several investors have reached out and we are keeping the round open for a select few we think would make for good strategic partners,” the Datasaur team said to DailySocial.

Ivan Lee is the CEO and Founder of He graduated with a Computer Science B.S. from Stanford University in 2009. He took a leave of absence from pursuing his Computer Science Master's degree to co-found Loki Studios with three other Stanford students. After raising institutional funding and building a profitable game, Loki was acquired by Yahoo in 2013.

Ivan went on to participate in Yahoo's inaugural Associate Product Manager program. He spent two years as a Product Manager defining and re-building mobile search using artificial intelligence. Ivan went on to serve as VP of Product at GoButler, working to define a new genre of virtual personal assistant. He most recently spent two years working on AI Products at Apple.

He currently lives in Silicon Valley. Aside from thinking about technology and its application to products, he enjoys playing Ultimately Frisbee on warm California days.

“Datasaur is co-located in California and Indonesia. We believe Indonesia’s rich tech ecosystem and abundance of data provide excellent opportunities for us to help out growing startups and established companies working on AI. We are very grateful to be partnering with GDP, a well-connected and respected firm. We see ourselves as a global company from the very start, and are happy to democratize access to AI worldwide,” he added.

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