Strengthening Its International Business, Telkom Group Officially Acquired GTA Teleguam

Prayogo Ryza - 5 June 2015

Indonesian telco behemoth Telkom Group added another supply to its international business’ growth. Through its subsidiary in the U.S, Telkom USA, Telkom announced that they have acquired Guam-based AP Teleguam Holding Inc.

The acquisition puts AP TeleGuam Holding Inc, GTA TeleGuam’s parent company, into the fleet of Telkom’s subsidiaries around the world, including Telin Singapore, Telin Hong Kong, Telkom Australia, Telkom Taiwan, Telkom USA, Telin Malaysia, Telkom Macau, Telin Timor Leste, and Telkom Saudi Arabia.

“This stregthens Telkom Group’s step to be a new global hub, one of global telecommunication centers,” said Telkom’s Director of Wholesale & International Service Honesty Basyir, as being cited from CNN Indonesia.

She further explained that the acquisition process has reached local government’s approval. Basyir also described Guam as a potential market for the development of Telkom Group’s international business. This is based on Guam’s high GDP per capita, considered as one of the highest in Asia, competent human resources as well as the people’s high level of telecommunication technology adoption.

Moreover, Guam’s strategic position as a landing point for most of sea cables which connect Asia and the U.S is seen as a valuable addition to Telkom’s vision to be a new global hub.

A good relationship between Telkom and GTA Teleguam was once established during the consorsium of the establishment of the South East Asia United States (SEA-US) international sea cable which was dedicated to meet the increasing demand of bandwidth in Asia Pacific and North America. This acquisitiuon by Telkom is expected to strengthen Telkom’s position as a global telecommunication traffic hub in Asia Pacific.

“GTA is a telco with huge market and significant growth, a powerful brands as well as quality & technology leader in mobile, landline and internet business,” Basyir stated.

Meanwhile, as reported by Merdeka, GTA Teleguam’s CEO Robert Haulbrook expected that this partnership will profit both parties. His team were sure that GTA will gain a lot from Telkom’s experience and technical capabilities and skills. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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