Style Crush Offers to Revolutionize Shopping for Clothes

Style Crush is a social platform that connects users to e-commerce

Bintoro Agung - 20 November 2020

Imagine how easy it would be to shop for clothes if there was a machine that could recommend something used by idols. It is no longer just wishful thinking because of the emergence of Style Crush in Indonesia.

Style Crush is a fashion technology platform that relies on artificial intelligence (AI). Is a product owned by Odd Concepts, an AI company from South Korea. This platform allows its users to do a number of things that make it easier for them to find their favorite clothes in no time.

Style Crush's most prominent ability is in finding places that sell any clothing. Simply pasting the image link to the front page, Style Crush can find a series of recommendations for clothes that are really similar or just resemble. This can happen thanks to their AI technology called PXL which can identify all the details of an outfit. Apart from using a link, users can also ask the machine to recognize a garment by uploading a photo.

"We are a fashion AI discovery platform. We help users create albums in categories or similar. The difference with Pinterest, there are all industries, if we are just fashion," said Country Director Odd Concepts Melina Tio.

As Melina said, this platform does allow its users to create albums that contain their fashion preferences. The clothes here are not just clothes. Machines can recognize all fashion objects that can be attached to the human body starting from clothes, pants, hats, shoes, belts, everything can be searched.

Melina claims the search accuracy on their engine reaches 99%. However, search results also depend on the availability of clothing that you are looking for in related e-commerce. The Style Crush work system is linked to many e-commerce sites as the end result of the search. You could say Style Crush resembles an effective online shopping assistant in finding clothing options.

Closely related with e-commerce

The way Style Crush works is closely related to e-commerce. That's why establishing a lot of e-commerce to enrich their image search results. Melina said that currently at least she has partnered with dozens of e-commerce and technology companies in the fashion sector. Blibli, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Lazada. That number will grow more and more over time.

Chief Strategy Officer of Odd Concepts Brian Sungwoo Bae explained, the presence of Style Crush in Indonesia is in accordance with the needs of e-commerce today. Brian admits that during this pandemic, people's spending on clothes has decreased. However, due to the pandemic, people are also putting more effort into finding clothes that they really want.

"They are smarter at shopping, more likely to be picky. That means they know better what style and design they want to buy. As well as choosing the right price. This is the right time for fashion e-commerce and retailers to find what they need and adopt. AI," Brian explained.

Focus on the young generation

Odd Concepts is targeting Style Crush to be used by Generation Z and Millennials. Brian said that his party is trying to get around 50 million people from both age groups to be able to use their products.

Apart from e-commerce, Odd Concepts relies on the partnerships they build with the media. Media is the choice because they also have Style Crush Ad products. This product is a kind of classified ad recommendation that usually appears on the face of online articles. What is unique about the Style Crush Ad is that the clothing recommendations they display in the classifieds are exactly the same as the images in the article. So if the photo in the article shows someone dressed in women's clothes, the Style Crush Ad machine will display similar outfit recommendations.

Style Crush itself has just officially launched yesterday (20/11). Odd Concepts is focused on engaging more e-commerce and media in the near future so that they can reach more users.

"We want to be prepared. Again, e-commerce in Indonesia is preparing for 2021," concluded Brian.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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