Survey: In 2015, Bank Transfer Is Still Online Shoppers’ Favorite

Amir Karimuddin - 30 June 2015

In 2013, Vela Asia (now Paraplou) published Indonesians’ preferred payment method. Back then, bank transfer was ranked first, followed by Cash On Delivery (COD) and credit card. DailySocial partners with JakPat did a survey on the same topic to find out whether two years have changed the people’s preference or not.

The survey was conducted towards 1002 respondents, 75% of them live on Java Island and are aged between 15 and 60 years old. 763 respondents admitted that they’ve shopped online within the past three months. We asked them which payment method they used while doing the transaction.

The result wasn’t that surprising that it even re-emphasized the significance of bank transfer as the most favorite payment method in Indonesia, as almost 75% of the respondents picked this method. Only 13% of them opted Cash On Delivery, while 7% picked credit card.

We attempted to find out whether Indonesian people have welcomed E-money services from telecommunication companies (T-Cash, Dompetku, or XL Tunai) and payment through minimart or not. Based on that survey, the adoption level is still low, as only 6 persons (0.79%) have tried paying at mini markets and 12 persons (1.57%) have used the E-money.

When basing the survey on gender, 80% of female respondents preferred bank transfer, while “only” 67% of male respondents picked the method. Male tends to be more willing to use more modern payment method, shown by better percentage in credit card and e-money adoption did by male respondents.

If we compare the result with the one published by Vela Asia, the composition seems stagnant. The rising part is only the bank transfer figure, while the use of COD decreased. There isn’t any significant changes in credit card adoption.

This condition is unlikely to be changed in the near future. This was reflected when respondents were asked whether they would use the same method for future online transaction or not. Almost 92% of them said “yes”.

This fact definitely should be the base of each decision made by e-commerce players, as they need to really be confident of being successful if they intend on promoting digital payment methods to the consumers.


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