Survey: Most Indonesians Won't Pay for Paid Music Streaming Services

Amir Karimuddin - 9 September 2015

The music industry indeed has changed, from vinyl record to internet-based music streaming. After the era of iTunes, the latter seems to be more common to the public. DailySocial and JakPat conducted a survey towards 1003 respondents to learn about their adaptation to the latest innovation of music industry.

Our first question was whether they had heard about music streaming service. 83% of them said yes, while the rest 17% said no.

From those who had heard about it, 70% had tried enjoying the service once while the rest hadn’t. Some of those who hadn’t tried claimed that poor internet connection was their major issue (54%), while some others admitted that the absence of free music streaming service based their decision (29%).

Of those who had tried the service, half accessed Google Play Music. This is quite uncommon, since Google Play Music has yet available legally in Indonesia. Moreover, it’s a paid service, not even close to a free one.

The next most-used service was MelOn and LangitMusik, both belong to Telkom Group, followed by Guvera which has an operational office in Indonesia. Apple Music was quite common, with the least being Deezer and Rdio. Soundcloud and MixRadio, which weren’t included in the list, received quite a zest from the respondents.

As predicted, 88% of respondents didn’t want to access paid music streaming services. However, 63% of those claimed that Rp 20 thousand as an ideal rate for a monthly subscription fee, while 15% of them said that Rp 0-15 thousand as the most ideal standard.

The fact represents the habit of most Indonesians who start enjoying music streaming services but are hesitate to pay for it. This forces the vendors to be more creative and innovative. Take a look at Guvera with its Branded Channel as an example.


Disclosure: DailySocial and JakPat Collaborate in conducting this research. JakPat is an open survey platform that facilitates marketers, brands, and startups to get connected with 53 thousand mobile respondents as well as collect insight only in hours.

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