Survey: People’s Comments on 4G/LTE Implementation

Amir Karimuddin - 14 July 2015

4G/LTE trial and commercialization done by four giant operators in Indonesia in numerous cities this July makes the coverage of mobile broadband services become much easier. DailySocial partners with JakPat to find out the people’s comment on the service and whether they feel the positive presence of it or not.

Survey was done towards 2005 respondents, with 48% of them were male and the rest 52% were female, mostly aged 20-25 years old. As predicted, only 26% of respondents (or a quarter of the total respondents) admitted that they’ve tried that fourth generation of service. The rest 74% were unfamiliar with 4G/LTE.

Out of 522 respondents who claimed that they had tasted 4G/LTE, 66% (two third) of them admitted that the service was indeed faster than 3G. However, one third of them dropped the expectation by saying that it was no better than the previous generation.

When being asked about the very reason why they hadn’t migrated to 4G/LTE services, most of unfamiliar ones (38%) claimed that 4G/LTE hadn’t been available in their area. The next most voiced concern was because the price of 4G-based smartphone was still too expensive to afford.

Despite the fact that the adoption of this 4G/LTE technology is still limited, repondents agreed that the service brings positive impact. 95% of respondents were in line with the statement saying that “4G/LTE technology adoption stimulates economic growth and internet access expansion”. The rest (5%), were on the same page with ex-Minister of Communication and Information Tifatul Sembiring, who coined the “What’s fast internet for?” statement.


Disclosure: This survey was collaborately done by DailySocial and JakPat. JakPat is an open survey platform which facilitates marketers, brands, and startups to get conncted with 46 thousand mobile respondents and gain insight in only couple of hours.

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