Sweet Escape Expands to The Philippines

The Philippines is the company's second biggest market

Marsya Nabila - 16 July 2018

Sweet Escape, a service to connect consumer and local photographer, announces first regional expansion to Philippines The company has prepared a local team and partnered with brands such as Citibank.

The Philippines is selected for its enormous growth, the second biggest market for the company after Indonesia. The company has realized that photography service isn’t only a domestic need, but rather international.

David Soong, Sweet Escape’s CEO, said without further detail that 45% of the clients are not from Indonesia.

“After many evaluations, we decided to dig deeper into the Philippines’ market and develop a specific marketing initiative as the first step,” Soong said in the official release.

The company has currently provided seven languages option in its site. They are Bahasa Indonesia, English, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. There are over 2 thousand freelance photographers in more than 400 cities recruited from all over the world.

The number grew rapidly if compared to Sweet Escape’s first establishment in 2016 with only 40 photographers in 5 cities. In terms of customer, they claim to have reached thousands.

The company has accommodated special moments, besides holiday, which growth is increasing over time. For example, birthdays, graduations, pre-wedding, honeymoons, births, or family reunions.

“For customers, we are trying to reach more for overseas photographers in expressing themselves and earning additional income.”

Dealing with the increasing demand, the company regularly adds photographers every week and holds several meet-ups to collect aspirations and allow sharing insights in photography along with customers interaction.

Sweet Escape interface
Sweet Escape interface

Previously, Sweet Escape partnered with Printerous in launching in-app photo printing feature in an attempt to improve service for customers.

In using Sweet Escape, customers can order a photo session anywhere, anytime. With curated photographers, customers can download the edited photo in less than three days via app or website.

In Indonesia, there are also other players in this segment, such as Dian Sastro’s Frame a Trip and Servolia.

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