Targeting Online Business, Doku Launches Integrated Web Portal Doku Merchant

Expecting to help players in business monitoring and analytics

Following PinjamDoku launching, Doku e-wallet, a service is to help users in shopping online without credit card or bank account, launches its latest product called Doku Merchant. They rolled out the latest service for businessman who sells intensely on social media, startup, and communities, whether they have online stores or not, up to the large companies with its own internal system.

"Doku Merchant is the fastest way for businessman to start a business immediately and receive payments online. This portal can cut-off semi-manual on-boarding process to be brief and in order," said Nabilah Alsagoff, DOKU's COO.

The features in this web portal are still in its finishing touch. However, for merchants or businessman interested, they can directly access the site.

Integrated with two main features

The two main features are reporting and market analytics which integrated in DOKU Merchant web portal. It is expected to help merchants to monitor sales, analyse user habit, and provide projections of their online store's sales trend.

"Doku Merchant's web portal provided with reporting & market analytics new features is ready to support any kinds of businesses, the point is one access to support every business. Our reporting & market analytics feature is very helpful for merchants in controlling, analysing, projecting and planning their business strategies," Alsagoff said.

In addition, Doku also provides quick access for merchants in need for funding to develop their business. Quick access to P2P lending is provided only to those who joins for at least 6 months with good transaction history.

To make it easier in monitoring all activities, Doku Merchant is capable for remote management and provide businessman with an easy mobile management.

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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