TCASH to be an "Agnostic Platform" in Early June 2018

TCASH targets a total 40 million users during 2018, 15%-20% among them are expected to come from non-Telkomsel users

Marsya Nabila - 30 May 2018

TCASH is finalizing the last stage to become an agnostic platform (available for users with any operator). The plan is to be announced in early June 2018. TCASH is planned to have 40 million total users this year.

"We want the 'TCASH semua bisa' (TCASH all-in-one) tagline to happen. Using any kinds of providers. The license has been issued by Bank Indonesia (BI), we're now preparing the product, promos, and the communication," Danu Wicaksana, TCASH's CEO, said (5/24).

He said, the license has been issued, but the company want to make sure that TCASH is focused on consumer's protection to be fair in case of complaints.

Therefore, after TCASH platform is officially agnostic, Grapari will be too. They can serve TCASH complaints from non-Telkomsel users. Complaints via call will also be in service.

Regarding operators, they are open for initiatives. Thus, TCASH can be the new distribution channel. They can sell something in TCASH.

In addition, TCASH will have a broader area for the company can be partnered up with local government to deliver new initiative. For example, the issues faced by Solo Government in raising garbage retribution funds worth of Rp10 thousand per months.

"They want it to be digitalized. If TCASH is limited for Telkomsel only, it'll be hard politically. If it has been opened, they can easily collaborate with TCASH."

Currently, TCASH has more than 24 million registered customers in all over 34 provinces in Indonesia. TCASH provides services using NFC-based Sticker Tap and e-wallet with QR Code feature to ease the daily transactions.

TCASH has added a new feature. It can be used for life insurance and donation using QR Code, after partner up with Rumah Zakat donation institution. TCASH distributes Rumah Zakat QR Code in various locations, such as billboards, Rumah Zakat branches, digital posters, and some mosques in Pekanbaru.

They also invite Blue Bird for transportation modes. TCASH platform has been planted in My Blue Bird app and available as one of the payment methods besides cash and credit card. In terms of payment, users can scan the QR code attached in the car. Previously, TCASH can also be used for Medan and Jakarta Railink, also Trans Semarang.

Pilot project for single QR code

In QR Code single implementation's pilot project initiated by Bank Indonesia, TCASH joins the group that also includes Artajasa and BNI.

The three companies represent each financial industries. TCASH as an e-money platform, BNI as banking, and Artajasa from the switching company.

Theu will implement QR Code single implementation through the pilot project in selected merchants. The QR Code is no longer bear logo of each company, but with an eagle logo as the representation of GPN (National Payment Gateway).

Later, each merchant will have one QR Code standarization. The counting system of MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) will be looked like the one in debit card, there will be a distinction between acquirer and issuer.

For example, when there's a transaction in merchant acquired by TCASH but users are making the transaction via PayPro, there will be revenue sharing between two companies.

"We are still processing. It will be launched after Lebaran. Therefore, before national roll-out, it needs a pilot. Don't let the settlement ruin the backhand process."

Before it was divided into two pilot projects, BI has formed a team consist of 11 bankings, four switching companies, and e-money companies, such as TCASH, OVO, and Go-Pay. The result is, all companies confirm on what kind of standardization to use. The details will be showed in form of PBI (Bank Indonesia's Regulation).

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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