Tech Industry Players Positively Welcome Rudiantara to Lead MCI

Rama Mamuaya - 28 October 2014

“Why do we need a fast internet access?”. Maybe this tricky question would be best answered by Rudiantara, our newly appointed Minister of Communication and Information (MCI). Considering the fact that he has tons of experience in the industry, including being appointed as the current Indosat’s commissioner, it’s clear that President Joko Widodo has made the correct appointment.

The appointment of Rudiantara is quite shocking, particularly because it was Maruarar Sirait, PDIP’s politician, who became the strongest contender for the position.

It seems that Rudiantara has got plenty of supporters even before he officially starts his job as a minister. Most of them are assured by his promising experience and appropriate professional background. They believe that Rudiantara is a firm hard worker. He also understands the telecommunication industry very well.

After Tifatul Sembiring held the position for the last four years, the Ministry finally gets led by someone who does have the experience working in the industry for years. For almost 18 years, he had held iportant positions at XL Axiata, Telkom, Indosat, and Telkomsel. This has built him his own fortune which leads people putting their trust on him to enhance Indonesia’s technology industry, especially bettering up the infrastructure distribution.

His resourceful experience in telecommunication industry is also one of the reasons why people put their faith in him. They believe that he is the one to help telecommunication companies and other technology-based businesses reaching their glory by serving them the right and supportive regulations. Rudiantara indeed has so many things to do, most of them are problems from his predecessor, starting from uneven infrastructure distribution, investment regulation, development of IT-based creative industry, and many more.

All those problems are now in the capable hands of Rudiantara and his team, whom we hope to possess the same competence as their leader in so that they may bring Indonesia’s technology industry to the top. Internet has indeed become a phenomenon, even an independent economy. It would be a big shame if we can’t control this massive potential of ours and just let other countries having bigger slice of our own industry than we do.

Congratulations and welcome, Rudiantara. We do have quite an expectation for you.

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