Teja Ventures Closes Its First Managed Fund of 143,6 Billion Rupiah

In the process of finalizing the second funding in the near future

As a venture capital with a gender lens focus, Teja Ventures announced the closing of its first funding. The managed funds total value is at $10 million or around 143.6 billion Rupiah. The money obtained by a number of family offices in Asia.

Teja Ventures' Partner, David Soukhasing revealed to DailySocial, using this fresh fund, his team has plans to support the 18 portfolios that they currently have.

"Especially because some of them are currently experiencing business growth and in the process of finalizing a fundraising, where Teja Ventures is leading the act," David said.

Several platforms, including Siklus, Binar, Riliv, Burgreens, Lifepack, Green Rebel, Klikdaily are startups that have been funded by Teja Ventures. Currently they are in the stage of finalizing the second funding and claim to have received investors' support.

Teja Ventures claims to be the first venture capital to commit to investing with a gender lens in all of Asia. Countries such as China to Southeast Asia are their target markets. Meanwhile, the targeted startup categories are financial inclusion/fintech, consumption, edutech, and the new economy.

Supporting business for women

Also known as ANGIN's Managing Director, David and his partner Virginia Tan, who is also a client of ANGIN, founded Teja Ventures. Teja Ventures targets companies with positive impact on the female demographic as consumers as part of the supply chain and as a whole as an economic driver in their business model.

Even though it claims to be a gender lens investor, this concept does not apply only to support female startup founders. It is possible for male startup founders to attract Teja Ventures' interest, what needs to be considered is that they must understand and effectively capture female users.

"We are pleased to see that some investors are now incorporating this mindset into their investment theses and we see it will lead to more opportunities for scale, capital flows and gender impact in Indonesia," David said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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