Telkomsel Supports Bluebird in "Taksi IoT" Implementation

It's to replace Fleety fare-meter. Targeting 10 thousand taxi units by the end of 2019

Telkomsel is now providing IoT for Bluebird e-taxi units. The collaboration marked by the agreement signing today (8/26).

Telkomsel's President Director, Emma Sri Martini said, Telkomsel's IoT implementation on Bluebird's digital ecosystem is the realization of corporate commitment to support the government vision of Making Indonesia 4.0.

The company created IoT Control Center, a cloud-based solution that is claimed safe and secure to manage the IoT devices. IoT Control Center is capable to provide visibility and security of the company's assets, maintain the quality, optimize the device performance and to predict costs spent.

IoT Control Center is said capable to tighten the IoT system overall through integrated devices in the Bluebird network. One is the Bluebird IoT to replace Fleety as fare-meter device and the current 2G based order receiver.

The IoT device will be supported by 4G LTE Telkomsel as a multi-functioned device attached to all types of Bluebird units. The features include fare-meter, consumer order, GPS tracking, contact with passenger and operator, also payment.

"The device is directly connected with the vehicle and capable to read data from its current condition, also send it to the Bluebird app system," Martini said in the official release.

Blue Bird Group's President Director, Noni Purnomo expected the latest solution to encourage corporates in accelerate work productivity and performance, in order to deliver additional value for customer service.

"We expect this collaboration to produce not only efficiency for Bluebird operation but also positive impact for Indonesia's transportation industry through quality improvement for passengers, drivers and vehicles," she added.

To date, Bluebird aims to distribute the IoT ecosystem to 10 thousand units by the end of 2019. Overall, it's to reach 25 thousand units by the mid-year of 2020.

-Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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