Telkomsel Supports Perum Peruri’s Digital Transformation

Telkomsel Supports Perum Peruri’s Digital Transformation

Provide solution for digital payment, adtech, and IoT
Telkomsel provides some solutions for IoT, adtech, and digital payment for Perum Peruri
Telkomsel provides some solutions for IoT, adtech, and digital payment for Perum Peruri

Telkomsel has signed MoU with Perum Peruri (Money Printing Public Company of the Republic of Indonesia) in GraPARI Telkom Group, Jakarta. Telkomsel is to provide a digital solution for Peruri through this collaboration. Those systems include Telkomsel FleetSight, TCASH digital transaction, and LBA (location-based advertising), and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Primadi K. Putra, Telkomsel’s VP Corporate Account Management, said the company as the first operator to provide IoT service in Indonesia was glad that their solutions have been trusted for business in many sectors.

“Today we’re glad because Perum Peruri has trusted Telkomsel MyBusiness and Telkomsel IoT service as solutions to support the company’s digitization program and its Digital Security business development. We expect the solutions we offered can support Perum Peruri to deliver high-quality products with high-value security as the nation’s pride while supporting company in integrated security printing and system industry,” he added.

Perum Peruri is a BUMN to print bills, coins, and security documents or other non-cash valuable paper, such as excise ribbon, stamps, and passports. Perum Peruri also provides other solutions include Track & Trace, Government Solution, Card provision and Personalization.

The digital solutions provided by Telkomsel for Perum Peruri include IoT for Digital Security Business, Telkomsel FleetSight, TCASH digital transactions and Broadcast Solution / LBA SMS. In the future, Telkomsel IoT Solutions is to be used for supporting Perum Peruri’s system-based Digital Security Business services.

A solution from Perum Peruri that requires IoT service is Track & Trace Peruri. Next, Connectivity Telkomsel service to be implemented for supporting its call for IoT solutions. In addition, Perum Peruri’s Government Solution and Personalization services will be synergized with Telkomsel.

“As an operator having commitment to digitize Indonesia through technology implementation. Telkomsel has prepared the future technology-based business services and solutions to support business readiness realization of Indonesian people. It goes along the government’s roadmap for Making Indonesia 4.0 towards Industrial Revolution 4.0,” Putra said.

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