Telkomsel's Long-Term Plan on Digital Transformation

Shifts Grapari's role and adds Veronika's functionalities

Telkomsel is getting serious for digital transformation as a step of business efficiency and service optimization. In 2021, virtual-shaped assistant digital service "Veronika" is targeted to be available  across platforms to get closer to users. The expansion will be in sync with adding functionality.

Some of the platforms Telkomsel tried to be integrated with Veronika are Direct Messages on Twitter, Whatsapp for Business, and MyTelkomsel app. The Twitter plan will be launched early next year. In addition, there are other platforms will be targeted, such as motion devices with voice-based controls like a smartwatch.

Furthermore, Veronika's function will take over the role of Grapari outlets as customer service (CS), such as handling customer surveys. CS agents will be shifted to do more productive things, such as cross-selling and upselling Telkomsel products.

Launched four months ago, Veronika has been able to serve top-up balance, check the remaining quota, swap Telkomsel POIN, provide information about MyGrapari location, or other information about Telkomsel service. Recently, Veronica has been added with a new service to handle the re-listing of prepaid cards.

Presented by Telkomsel, Veronika is currently have reached 1.5 million users spread across three platforms, namely Line, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger. In developing Veronika, Telkomsel took Kata.ai as the developer and Accenture as project manager.

For Grapari, the plan is to redesign it as the last place to serve customers. Grapari later will be divided into several modes to adjust the target and customer type. There is thematic, which targets are young people or companies. The other one is for regular users.

Veronika's presence did not merely threaten Grapari's presence. As Telkomsel goal is to shift the transaction to online.

The current number of active Grapari is 400 outlets spread across Indonesia. It represents Telkomsel area, so it can not be closed.

"Grapari will be divided into several types, the amount is still, but the size will be minimized. It will be more of self service, and a video call with CS agent. The physical agent will not be there, it will directed to other activity. There is nothing to be worried regarding CS agents that will be inefficient," explained Telkomsel VP Customer Care Management Andri Wibawanto while attending Digital Summit Indonesia 2017 on Wednesday (11/8).

Other than relying on Veronica virtual assistant and Grapari, Telkomsel will also add digital kiosk machines. The machine will serve the purchase of a new SIM card, upgrade to 4G, pay bills, top-up balance and others. One machine consists of two dispensers that can accommodate 500 card slots each. According to Andri, the machines are spread in 80 points throughout Indonesia.

Expected on all digital plans, transactions from digital channels in Telkomsel will reach 70% compared to 30% of  traditional channels in 2021. Nowadays, traditional channels is still dominating at 85% , and the rest is occupied by online channel.

Digital Transformation Impact

According to Andri, the digital application will target three pillars. It includes improving services from Telkomsel to customers, decreasing the cost, and increasing revenue.

He took an example, traditional channels cost more than digital. Telkomsel can reduce loads by 60-70 percent when developing digital channels. With this efficiency, companies can offer better programs to customers.

"Our cross-sell and upsell will get better. It surely getting better for increasing revenue. This is what we can get from the digital transformation," said Andri.

- Original article is written in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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