Telkomsigma and Huawei Collaborate to Provide Online Storage for Education

Prayogo Ryza - 16 October 2015

Telkomsigma officially inaugurated its strategic partnership with Huawei on the procurement of Storage as a Service for education during the Huawei Southern Pacific Night 2015 event. Telkomsigma’s CEO Judi Achmadi and Huawei Indonesia’s Director of Indonesia Data Center Solution Sales Department Xu Ying signed the MoU.

Achmadi stated that the partnership is one of Telkomsigma’s attempts to improve its Cloud Solution storage service in order to meet the demand of corporations and institutes of government, especially in education sector. The collaboration allows Telkomsigma to utilize Huawei’s next-generation mass storage system OceanStor UDS Storage to build its own storage online business in local education industry.

“This remarkable function and performance of Huawei’s storage solution can fulfill the demand as well as provide support and protection at a larger scale in the future,” Achmadi stated, as reported by CNN Indonesia.

He expected that this cloud technology will bring the paperless culture into Indonesian education scene, allowing students and teachers to upload, download, and share the learning materials at ease. According to him, the storage’s capacity will be expanded progressively within the next three years as the number of users grow.

“As a prominent data center and cloud computing vendor, Telkomsigma and Huawei will actively promote the penetration and development of cloud computing in Indonesia,” he added.

Furthermore, Ying stated that the collaboration is a long-term partnership which is intended to present a proper storage solution for education scene in Indonesia.

“This collaboration is a fundamental step for Huawei’s storage solution in Indonesia’s education industry. Through this long-term partnership with Telkomsigma, we’ll keep innovating and fully attempting to continue our contribution in improving Indonesia’s education scene,” Ying explained.

This year, Telkomsigma sets the target at Rp 2,5-3 trillion of revenue. This is divided into 50% from Integration System, 35% from data center, and 15% from cloud computing.


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