Tempa Labs and mig33 Introduced Desa Farm

Tempa Labs and mig33 Introduced Desa Farm

Tempa Labs and mig33 Introduced Desa Farm
Tempa Labs and mig33 Introduced Desa Farm

Last July, mig33 launched Developer Program to bring up social games to its platform. There are some games developers, including Indonesian, work as mig33 partners. With the increasing number of the games available, there is more time spent to play. As the implication, it is expected to give more revenue for mig33 and their partners.

This November, mig33 introduced Desa Farm as a social games brought by local developers, Tempa Labs. Does the game’s name sounsd familiar to you? Yes! Desa Farm is winner of Blaast apps competition that brought the developers to visit Blaast’s Headquarter in Finland.

Although bear the similar name, Arif Harsan Pradipto from Tempa Labs explained that Desa Farm on mig33 platform is WAP games. It doesn’t have animation and special API as implemented for Blaast. Briefly, it is the simplified version. The game itself is quite simple. As a farm owner, you should manage your farm, take care of your cattle, do fishing and any kind of typical farmer activities. To run the games, your mpbile phone should have WAP feature and mig33 version 4.2 or the later installed.

According to Alif, their reason to join mig33 platform is because of its massive and solid community. With almost 30 million users, mig33 is the second biggest platform in Indonesia after Facebook. Besides, mig33 has been integrated with OpenSocial so that the social feature and its payment system have already been available and ready to use.

Wait, payment system? Don’t you think that Desa Farm is a free game? It is! Desa Farm is a free game. However, like social games made by Zynga on Facebook, in-app purchase function is provided if you want to manage game easier — rather than waiting for long time to raise some game money. It is the monetizing strategy of this application.

You might think that mig33 apps accessed from featured phone will not attract paying users. In contrary, the money velocity on mig33 is big. The money mostly spent for buying emoticons and gifts in low price. Mig33 proves that petty cash spent by users can emerge to be big revenue.

Influenced from the booming of Zynga games in Indonesia, Desa Farm can also get the significnat revenue if they can make users get addicted just like to Zynga games. I believe that in-app purchase on social games is one effective form for local developers to obtain revenue in Indonesia.

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