One certain thing is, by diverting resources to the cloud doesn’t mean the data owner can relax and not interfere if there are things that are not working (ie: crashes, hacked) with cloud service providers. At the initial of contract, service providers must have discussed with clients to design the system environment for obtaining optimal results. This is the proof of the cloud service providers’ seriousness in order to help us dealing with the change of resources from the system owned by the company.

Here are some myths of cloud computing that are mentioned Mr by Francis Lee and how it actually happens in the real world:

1. Cloud Computing is not secure, reliable, and scalable

I combine these three things to one sentence. The fact is that cloud computing may not be secure, reliable, and scalable. This could happen if we choose an incorrect cloud service provider and we are not directly involved when designing the computer system architecture desired.

According to Mr Francis Lee, by using the cloud services, it doesn’t mean that the system is becoming 100% safe. We still need to install a security system such as SSL and all layers of security system. These are a major factor whether our system is easily penetrated or not. From the beginning, the cloud service provider should have given advice on how to ensure system security running smoothly.

Meanwhile, the reliable and scalable factors depend on the way we design our own computer systems in the cloud and how is the backup plan owned by the cloud service provider. Thus the preparatory steps for choosing cloud provider and designing computer systems architecture is critical for determining the securance, reliability, and scalable system

2. Cloud Computing doesn’t save money

The possibility is the cost to divert resources into cloud services isn’t cheaper than making the data centre. However the problem is, making the data centre is certainly required space, infrastructure and hardware which is all becoming assets with depreciation factor. Not to mention if we need to update it periodically.

By switching to cloud system, the only one thing that we think from the financial side is the operational costs. There are no assets and depreciation should be taken care of. Just assume it like a regular monthly bill, such as electricity, water or telephone. No need to bother with the update or how to dispose of the unused device.

3. Cloud Computing requires new IT skills

Is cloud requiring a new skill? As contrary, if you are engaged with the world of Information Technology, every day has its brand new. It’s different with other technical world. IT world demands a rapid change. This includes the skills and knowledge. A thing that was becoming trend five years ago might be unused today.

For the cloud technology, the system administrators at the company surely should understand on how to handle the technology applied by cloud computing services. Continuous learning, especially for new technologies, is a must and it is not negotiable. Of course, cloud service providers will always help if you need the transfer knowledge of science and technology.

Those are some explanations of myth associated with cloud computing. Bottom line is cloud technology does help us to deal with our own computer systems but the system owner should fully responsible for ensuring that the system is secure, reliable, and scalable. Update on technology developments is a must in current fast growing world.

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