The Adoption of .id Reached 123,000 Domains in 2014

Recently, Pandi presented a data showing that 21.654 new .id domains have been registered throughout 2014. That significant growth was driven by the registration of Second Level Domain (SLD) and High Level Domain (HLD) .id, which is also goes by the name of "”. By December 2014, the total number of .id domain adoption reached 123.751.

“Any .id domain launched before August 17, 2014 received a warm welcome from Indonesian internet users. So far, there have been 8.000 domains being registered by that name,” said the Pandi's Socialization and Communication Division Head Sigit Widodo to Kompas.

In addition, there were 9.000 new domains being registered under the name of domain. Widodo argued that the trend emerged because nowadays, people feel much more secure to do transactions on e-commerce websites which use domain rather than international domain such as .com.

The number of .id domains is predicted to grow even bigger this year since the Government has planned to have more Indonesians connected to their Broadband project.

Further, Pandi suggested that there were 2.400 new domains being registered under the specialized SLD for school, sch. id, and 900 new domains were registered under the domain. “In general, the positive trend shows that the adoption of internet among entrepreneurs and students has been much more equal now, and that the usage of internet in villages has shown a fruitful development,” Widodo claimed.

Among those which excelled, there was also an underachiever; the domain had a decrease of up to 1.805 domains in 2014.Unfortunately, Pandi failed to explain about this negative trend further.

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