The Architect and Interior Designer Directory Bluprin Releases “Platform Material” B2B Feature

Using subscription business model to help designer and architect to collect the catalog easier

Marsya Nabila - 2 June 2018

A directory service for architect and interior designer Bluprin releases “Platform Material” feature for users from B2B community to help them collect the material catalog which has been done manually.

Ricky Cahyadi, Co-Founder & CEO Bluprin, said that manual catalog is often troublesome for architects and interior designers. For example, the product specification, colors, and where is it available. Everything is now capable with an app.

On the other side, for supplier, Platform Material is a B2B channel to build brand awareness in niche market, especially with designer as the client.

The platform is not only for directories but also presents certain tools to smoothen the process of product designing through Specification Sheet and MoodBoard feature. Therefore, designing is easier in desktop.

“It fits Bluprin vision to promote architects and interior designers profession, we’re also focused on making the designing process in architecture easier,” he said in the official release.

MoodBoard is a planning media, it can be a board, book, or catalog with prices and description of ideas to build. In Bluprin, MoodBoard can be shared with clients.

Moreover, Specification Sheet is useful for the experts to change MoodBoard to be more specific from the materials displayed in it. Experts won’t have to look for material codes and specification because it has been integrated.

“It’s using subscription model with the annual premium membership fee for the suppliers.”

Information provided in Bluprin consists of 7 main categories, such as Finishes, Kitchen & Bath, Door & Window, ME & Equipment, Construction, Furniture, and Lighting with a total more than 50 sub-categories, material, and product.

He said the latest platform is expected to gather the architects, designers, producers, and property owners in one integrated ecosystem. Start from searching inspiration for design, the architects, and contractor, and building materials.

Since founded in early 2017, Bluprin is now reaching over 1,200 registered experts in 30 cities. The portfolios in total are more than 1,800 with 20 thousand inspirations.

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