The Potential of Mobile Marketplace as Alternative to Mainstream E-Commerce

Michael Erlangga - 30 June 2015

Mobile and e-commerce are two key words in current Indonesian tech landscape. The mobile-first concept, which promises people to be able of doing anything in a few clicks, has made the adoption of smartphone undoubtedly massive. E-commerce ecosystem grows stronger, enabling online shopping becoming a mainstream thing to do nowadays, thanks to the supports provided by the players. The next trend to come would be the mobile marketplace concept which offers a new alternative of online shopping as well as challenges the mainstream e-commerce market.

The maturity of Indonesian internet infrastructure allows users to surf digital world anywhere at anytime they want. The idea of online shopping isn’t something new, as Google’s data shows that 94% of smartphone users use their devices to access e-commerce websites and other commercial activities. However, the sales coversion rate tends to be smaller than that of desktop devices (PC/laptop).

Riding on this mobile commerce momentum, players like Lyke, Shopee, Tokopoket, Coral and others indirectly join the competition to fight against big players with their own mobile apps.

Some of those even fully focus their operation on mobile performance, without bothering about desktop at all. The expected scheme is to facilitate and accelerate customers who want to do transaction, without having to wait at home or office while operating their desktop devices.

Some even does not only stand for the sake of their own entity, but also function as an affiliate to other players. Lyke, for instance, takes the role as an aggregator to Lazada, Zalora, Tokopedia, and many others. Being agile, mobile marketplace indeed has friendlier and more convenient UI/UX.

The trend of mobile first also becomes  one of Japan-based CyberAgent Ventures’ indicators. During our visit a couple of times ago, the Ventures’ General Manager Takahiro Suzuki clearly described that startups which uphold mobile first concept can compete even with the big guys.

Well, looking at how massive the adoption of smartphone within the citizens of Indonesia is, no wonder all the players of the industry do all their might in developing their mobile capabilities. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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