The SaaS Platform Developer for Supply Chain "Advotics" Receives Seed Funding of 39 Billion Rupiah Led by East Ventures

Digitizing various activities to be a useful data for decision making

Randi Eka - 15 May 2019

The SaaS platform developer for Offline-to-Online Analytics, today (5/14) announces seed funding led by East Ventures. Some investors are involved in this round, but there is no further detail. The amount has reached $2.7 million (around 39 billion Rupiah). It's to be focused on developing technology and accelerating user growth.

The platform focuses on supply chain business players in making decision based on data. Most of them are still using offline method in managing and tracking sales and distribution. With loads of documents that must be managed manually, they only spend time for routines, not for something strategic.

"Clients can buy solutions that suits their issue, either comprehensive digitization or certain modules. Advotics also provides features on demand, such as productivity apps to monitor in-store employees with geographic tracking system, route and items distribution, offline-to-online marketing, B2B trading, and analytics and business intelligence dashboard for the management team," Advotics' Co-Founder & CTO, Hendi Chandi.

Advotics tries to digitize data related to labor, business networks, and the company's physical asset and products. The main objective is to transform data from trading activities and offline work in field to be a useful data to help management team in making business decision, such as marketing penetration, productivity, and retail sales strategy.

One of Advotics breakthrough is to digitize products through unique identities, such as QR codes printed on product packaging. It's to help the company track the product location from the first distributor to the consumer, and keep it against fraud.

"The Advotics team managed to solve the issue on supply chain monitoring in Indonesia. Their solution can help companies monitor the movement of labor and its items. The collected data point can be used to understand the heatmap of product distribution and make an efficient supply chain in Indonesia. We welcome the Advotics team to the B2B ecosystem in East Ventures," East Ventures Managing Partner, Willson Cuaca said.

The Advotics management team consists of three engineers with various background, Boris Sanjaya is an industrial engineer with experience in consulting in Boston Consulting Group (BCG); Hendi Chandi as former software developer senior in Amazon, also a graduate from computer science in University of Washington Seattle; and Jeffry Tani which acquired Ph.D in engineer from MIT.

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