As communication expert Matthew Adams once said, “Leadership is humility exercised for your employees, since it is what can make your company grow.”

Leadership is not about telling your workers what they should do. It is instead about putting your employees in the right position so that they can help your company grow.

Below are three things you should avoid if you want to keep your employees from resigning.

You are not transparent enough

In order to maximize your employees’ performance, you need to balanced individual work objectives with company objectives. Unfortunately, many companies are not transparent enough with regards to the “bigger picture”.

According to a survey conducted by American consulting company Gallup, only 41 percent out of more than 3,000 workers from various companies said they understood their companies’ “bigger picture”.

You apply unnecessary bureaucracy

Leadership is not about control.

Unsatisfied employees may suddenly resign if they feel like they do not receive enough opportunities from you to expand the company together.

You distance yourself from your employees

During the beginning of their career, employees like to feel connected to their bosses to gain knowledge and experience. Now, ask yourself: are you approachable? If not, here are three things to help you get closer to your workers.

First, open your office door as a signal that employees can always drop by your office. Second, smile and make eye contact. Lastly, be more proactive by starting conversations with them, especially with more passive employees. During conversation, you can share positive suggestions to develop relationships with them.

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