Tiket Announces Business Growth, Launching Customer Service via WhatsApp

Soon to introduce PayLater and new product targeting B2B segment

Yenny Yusra - 21 May 2019

Entering the holiday season, Tiket has claimed an increased traffic for all services. Starts from flight booking, hotel and trains. The current rising price for flight does not lessen people's enthusiasm in traveling using airplane. The price increases for about 150% from the previous season.

In terms of train ticket, it increased by 52% this year.  It's in line with Transportation Ministry's prediction, for the land transportation to be increased by 30 per cent in this year's mudik period.

"Currently, we are yet to offer bus ticket in the platform. Our focus is still around the flight, train and hotel reservation," Gaery Undarsa as Tiket's CMO said.

Customer service via WhatsApp, PayLater and activity

In order to provide better service to the customers, Tiket launches 24-hours customer service using WhatsApp. The strategic partnership by Tiket using WhatsApp is to facilitate customers to have direct interaction with 100 CS team specially prepared.

The customers are getting engaged with this feature due to the fast response and easy access, compared to the call center or email.

"We can make sure in 5 minutes, the CS team will make direct response and help customers. Currently we're still using CS team, furthermore we also plan to implement AI and machine learning technology for general question," he added.

To date, Tiket has been offering various payment options to users, from bank transfer to installment without credit card in partnership with Kredivo. Being mentioned about the plan for PayLater, they confirmed, and when it's done, it'll be launched this year.

The app with 16 million downloads also claimed to provide additional feature in activity category for business players. The event sale to the concert ticket in the platform also has significant increase.  The latest feature is expected to help users and the business players. Previously, Tiket is reportedly focused on B2B segment.

"When the PayLater's ready supported by Tiket and product in the activity category targeting B2B segment will also be launched this year," he said.

Increase partnership

The strategic partnership is also formed between Tiket and Gojek through Go-Travel. Using the service in Go-Jek's platform, users can now purchase Tiket's travel products. The latest collaboration is expected to reach more users and supported Gojek's ambition to become the super app.

"Although Tiket and Gojek are under GDP Venture, the strategic partnership has become our focus in Tiket as local app, just like Gojek. We believe in this collaboration to give positive result," Gaery said.

Previously, Grab has collaborated with and Agoda to provide hotel reservation in Grab app. Shopee on the other hand, has partnered up with Traveloka.

The other strategic partnership by Tiket is formed with marketplace. The startup under Tiket's founder guidance provides free umrahwithin Tiket's special promo. In order to build up ecosystem, Tiket routinely held mentoring session to the related startups.

"In addition, we also have other startups which receives education also direct mentoring from us. Furthermore, we also plan to add new mentoring program for the relevant startups," he said.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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