Tiket is Rebranding, Emphasize On Product's Sales and Improvement

Car rental and hotel booking will be company's development focus

Tiket, a leading OTA service in Indonesia, announces application rebranding by changing its display and logo into a (more) modern look, also adding new features transaction convenience. The company wants to focus on two things: improving brand awareness and product improvement.

"I traveled around six cities in Indonesia for FGD, but many are still unaware of Tiket. Our brand is popular only among cities with a high-level of internet penetration such as Jakarta and Surabaya. Therefore, we start the marketing campaign to increase awareness. For product quality, will improve continuously for transaction convenience," said Gaery Undarsa, Tiket's Chief Communication, Tue (11/21).

For Undarsa, Tiket's penetration is slightly limited outside Jakarta and Surabaya due to absence of big-scale marketing.

In early November 2017, Tiket starts aggressive campaign in television. Since then, Undarsa claimed to have new user improvement and significant transaction coming outside those cities. However, Undarsa is unwilling to reveal the details.

For Tiket's logo changing, first (t) character turns into lowercase. It stands for friendly personality. There is no gap mentioned between Tiket and traveler. The dot (.) color turns into light yellow which represents a happy feeling in traveling.

Along with the effort to increase brand awareness, Tiket attaches several new features. The first one is Smart Refund for easier cancellation refund process. For interface look, there is Smart Roundtrip for consumer to arrange a round trip flight easily.

Lastly, Smart Traveller allows travelers to simply put the ID member instead of repeating form-filling. Data can be saved to favorite order, claimed to be more practical and efficient.

In addition, Tiket will be seriously working on two products, car rental and hotel booking. For car rental, the company has partnered with rental service around 50 cities in Indonesia. Compared to other products, car rental business grows 3000% compared to last year.

Tiket has been downloaded by 4.3 million users, and targeted to have 10 million users by the end of next year. The increasing number is expected to come from user and traffic. Tiket also targets 100% growth from previous year.

"We will invest more on hotel booking due to the domination of foreign OTA. We want to help hotel business to expand with what Tiket has," Undarsa said.

- Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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