Titik Pintar Introduces SahabatPintar, Educational Content Platform for Elementary Students

The long-term objective is to gather teachers, designers, and animators to create 10 thousand materials

Titik Pintar's interactive edutainment platform officially introduces SahabatPintar.id, an educational content platform designed for the primary school (SD) student segment in Indonesia.

SahabatPintar.id presents material monitored by elementary school teachers in Indonesia who have teaching experience for more than 10 years. Currently, the SahabatPintar.id platform is available for free access.

Titik Pintar's founder & CEO, Robbert Deusing, said that his party wants to contribute to the quality of education in Indonesia. This is in line with World Bank recommendations regarding the impact of Covid-19, the education sector needs to pay attention to the quality of distance learning methods.

Based on data from the Ministry of Education and Culture, there are currently 25 million children currently studying at the elementary level. Meanwhile, the number of schools closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic has reached 530 thousand units.

"SahabatPintar wants to play a role in the world of education in the long term. When schools reopen, we believe teachers will be greatly helped by the availability of quality educational materials that are easily accessible such as those available by SahabatPintar.id and the Titik Pintar application," Deusing said to DailySocial.

He revealed that his team is currently integrating 100 materials into the SahabatPintar platform. The long-term goal of this platform is to bring together teachers, designers, and animators in Indonesia to create up to 10,000 quality content. The contents will be integrated directly on the Titik Pintar platform.

"Even though our team has made various educational content, it will still be difficult to catch up with the rapid development of children. At the same time, we are aware that there are many teachers and content creators in Indonesia who have the expertise to create educational content," he told DailySocial.

Therefore, to achieve this target, his party is holding a competition for designer teachers and animators to produce educational content that is easily understood by children.

For your information, Titik Pintar is currently used by 12 thousand users in Indonesia. This platform provides various edutainment materials tailored to the government curriculum (Kurtilas).

Expecting breakthrough from edtech players in 2021

Not many edtech services have run in the gamification sector, like Titik Pintar. In fact, this content can actually be an interesting approach to provide a fun atmosphere for teaching and learning activities, especially during the pandemic.

With the plan of Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Makarim to reopen schools in January 2021, this could be the right step to provide a temporary "break" for parents who have been accompanying their children to study during the pandemic.

This has also been acknowledged by a number of players we have interviewed. There are many issues experienced, one of which is that parents are overwhelmed with their children because they are not used to transitioning to online platforms.

The trend of edtech services began to skyrocket in the last few years. The peak occurred this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The policy of teaching and learning activities from home (KBM) is a tremendous momentum for online learning platform providers to gain new users and significant traffic.

In general, the government's decision to reopen schools will present a further "test case" to prove whether edtech services remain relevant and credible in the next year. This is primarily to provide affordable internet access and content for user segments outside Java who are in rural and border areas.

In addition, next year can also be momentum for old and new edtech players to develop content with more varied types and costs. Moreover, there are currently not many edtech services that play in the realm of gamification, especially for elementary school children.

To date, edtech startups have various market segments ranging from elementary to high school lectures, or employee segments by offering free access for certain periods to premium access to interactive content, video-on-demand, and private tutors.

DSResearch through the Edtech Report 2020 reveals that internet connection is still the biggest challenge (81.2%) of users in learning, followed by access to paid content (49.4%), understanding of English (39.2%), and availability of devices (38,4%).

In addition, as many as 70 percent of respondents are willing to pay for edtech services ranging from IDR 50,000 / month (12.6%), IDR 50,000-1 million / month (35.3%), IDR 1 million-2.5 million / month (24, 6%), IDR 2.5 million-5 million / month (17.8%), and above IDR 5 million / month (9.7%).

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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