TokenWiz Acts as Investment Virtual Assistant for Digital Assets

Combining AI technology with blockchain to make cryptocurrency market analysis

Prayogo Ryza - 31 October 2018

Digital Assets or cryptocurrency is getting popular in society, particularly for investment. Regarding this potential, TokenWiz appeared as a virtual assistant for digital currency investment in Indonesia. TokenWiz, counting on artificial intelligence, aims to provide an accurate market analysis.

"Indonesia has 260 million population, fourth biggest in this world, with a very large demographic map. Blockchain sector in Indonesia is still developing, people are expecting to understand blockchain technology and investment. There's a huge market for blockchain," TokenWiz's CEO, Long Man, said.

As a virtual assistant service, TokenWiz focused on delivering fast and accurate information with an in-depth analysis of digital currency. It includes a smart investment advisor.

One of TokenWiz major ability is the use of smart technology to analyze market data in order to provide an excellent strategy for digital currency investors using it.

"TokenWiz is determined to be a smart assistant in digital currency investment, combining artificial intelligence, including leading casual timing analysis called entity recognition (NER), multi-language deep learning, with other techniques. Entire analysis of currencies in TokenWiz, a multi-dimensional diagnosis," Long Man added.

TokenWiz arrival in Indonesia is partnered with INDODAX, one of the leading investment or digital trading platform in the region. However, there is no further information regarding this. TokenWiz only mentioned the deep and specific partnership established between both companies.

"INDODAX is the largest digital currency exchange platform in Indonesia with the strong user base and brand influence, TokenWiz has the strong technology, research ability, and product development. The partnership of two will create a strong alliance. We and INDODAX have formed an in-depth partnership, and specific with the content to be developed gradually," he explained.

In its first year in Indonesia, TokenWiz targets to develop rapidly and become the largest digital currency investment portal, also become the digital currency investor's first-choice in need for digital currency market analysis.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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