Tokopedia Seals Strategic O2O Partnership with Indomaret

Randi Eka - 2 October 2015

The Online-to-Offline (O2O) concept has become a new promising strategy among local e-commerce players nowadays. That being said, Tokopedia seals a partnership with Indomaret to facilitate users choosing this concept while doing their online transaction. The partnership allows Tokopedia customers to pay their order at Indomaret stores all over Indonesia.

Tokopedia regards it as an effective service so far. Ever since the service was opened back on June 24, Tokopedia has noted more than hundred thousands of transaction so far. This O2O strategy is implemented to accommodate the latest trend among Indonesian consumers in shopping online, which is to focus more on simplicity, convenience, and security while doing online transaction.

“Now, everyone can shop at Tokopedia at ease, without having to own a saving account,” Tokopedia’s Vice President Melissa Siska Juminto stated.

“This service adds more e-commerce payment options that Indomaret offers. Besides facilitating users who shop at Tokopedia, this service will increase Indomaret’s traffic of users,” PT Indomarco Prismatama’s Marketing Director Wiwiek Yusuf added.

This payment methhod isn’t only beneficial to users, but also sellers as well. “Sellers at Tokopedia will directly get a notification once buyers have completed the payment at Indomaret. Thus, the order processing can be started earlier. This surely adds more reputation to the online shop,” Juminto claimed.

“This transaction facility will be one of our priorities, as Tokopedia really understands that customer’s satisfactory is the most underlying thing in online trade,” she continued. She also stated that it shows Tokopedia’s commitment to always give the best to the people of Indonesia.

Tokopedia isn’t theo only one to establish partnership with Indomaret. Xiaomi also has done so, due to the excessive traffic it receives. In this case, Xiaomi allows users to pay for the item they order from its e-commerce portal at Indomaret stores.


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