The Jakarta Post Travel Launches Travelog, Supports User Generated Content

Rama Mamuaya - 11 April 2013

The Jakarta Post Travel today announces the launch of Travelog, a user generated platform where users can submit articles about their travelling experiences. The platform itself works exactly like Digg or Stumbleupon where people can get their content promoted on the site and get their content distributed through The Jakarta Post Travel.

The Jakarta Post Digital CEO Budi Putra, said that the platform can be useful because The Jakarta Post doesn't cover every single travel content out there, so they leave it to the users to generate them. Budi Putra said, "For bloggers and publishers, Travelog can be useful to gain exposure to their content and of course to generate traffic". It also gives the The Jakarta Post Travel readers a unique content from fellow travellers' perspective and value in addition to the current content they have.

Budi Putra also said that with Travelog, they're targeting two different group of people: first are the foreign travellers who's looking for the content. And the second group is the local people who are familiar with the local travelling scene, sharing their content to the world. In terms of features, Budi Putra said that they're still looking at feedbacks from users to see what kind of features the users need.

So far, not a lot of media has the courage to give a chance to bloggers to be recognized in mainstream media but Budi Putra with his strong journalism is known to be very technology-oriented. Currently, Budi Putra is leading the effort for The Jakarta Post Digital, and also joined the video startup Viki right after he left Yahoo! Indonesia as its Country Editor.

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