Treasury App Introducing Gold Investment Platform

Partners with Finansialku to expand marketing activities

Yenny Yusra - 13 March 2019

A gold-based online investment platform is introduced in the industry, starting from November 2018, to accommodate gold transaction online and jewelry & gold bar storage.

In today press release, Treasury's Head of Brand Development, Narantara Sitepu said by targeting unserved customers, the company intends to be the favorite app for gold investment.

"Using only Rp20 thousand, people can buy gold via Treasury app starts from 0,5 grams. It's for more people to be able to invest by purchasing gold online."

In order to guarantee gold sales, Treasury partners with UBS as ISO-certified gold provider and clearing institutions. Treasury is currently registered in OJK. In the meantime, Treasury is only available for Indonesian citizen.

"To guarantee users, we comply with the regulation from related parties. It was to gain higher trust of the customers," he said.

Similar to other services providing online gold transaction, Treasury is accessible through mobile via Android platform. The iOS version is soon to be launched. In terms of payment options, Treasury has partnered up with some banks and Doku payment gateway.

""We have plans for additional payment options to facilitate customers. Aside from BNI, we'll also partner with BCA in the near future," he added.

Collaborates with Finansialku

Treasury is said to have around 2 thousand users. In order to increase users, expand marketing activities and education to the related society of online gold investment, Treasury collaborates with Finansialku.

As a financial planning portal, Finansialku provides education related to financial management and starts to sell some financial products.

"Based on the background, Treasury decided to partner with Finansialku. We see the same vision and mission with Finansialku," Sitepu said.

Using #PunyaSimpenan campaign, Finansialku and Treasury will held a roadshow for broaden information and education related to online gold investment. If according to the plan, by the third quarter 2019, Treasury is accessible through Finansialku.

"I'm very positive that the #PunyaSimpenan campaign can improve literacy, boost interest, and for millennials to aware of building a better future," Finansialku's CEO, Melvin Mumpuni said.

This year's business target

Currently, Treasury is only available in Jabodetabek, however, there's plan to expand this year to other big cities in Indonesia. The company also targets to increase app downloads up to 100 thousand by the end of this year.

"The aim is to increase users according to target in 2019," he added.

Regarding fundraising, the three-month old startup is said to have no plan yet. Treasury is still in the seed funding stage.

"We guarantee, with Treasury app, everyone can purchase gold whenever, wherever by viewing gold rate in real time. We also guarantee all investment are in a form of gold, ready to be issued and delivered to the customers," he finished.

Original article is in Indonesian, translated by Kristin Siagian

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