Trust Studio Made Android Apps To Help You With Electricity and Phone Bills

Bonang Setoaji - 27 July 2012

Often times, we see apps by local developers made it to the popular global marketplace, but most of them are made to cater the need of global market. Not many aim for the local market. Amongst this few, there are apps by Trust Studio called Tagihan Listrik and Tagihan Telkom.

I think both apps are very helpful in solving the problem faced by many Indonesian. The basic idea of those apps is to helo the user to check and inspect the amount of electricity bill (PLN) and home phone (TELKOM).

User needs only to enter the PLN or TELKOM customer number in to the apps. After pressing the button to check the bill for the inserted number, the amount of the bill for that month will be displayed. Actually, the purpose of both apps is only for checking the amount of electricity/phone bill.

But there’s something interesting in both apps.

Both apps are finely executed, where both of them are arguably satisfactory for user interface and user experience optimization. To tell the truth, Tagihan Listrik and Tagihan Telkom have a simple concept and technical, but the packaging is very satisfactory for me when seen from user’s point of view. Optimum UI and UX, easy navigation and light resource are the plus points of both apps.

A good product (web or apps) is a product that can solve the problem around us with perfect execution, both from UI, UX and navigation; when a product is good and many users gets benefit from it.

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