Twitter Promotes Ads Platform for SMEs and Startups in Indonesia

Yenny Yusra - 21 September 2015

It’s just normal to see Twitter inviting local SMEs and startups to taste its ads platform, given the fact that it has millions of users here in Indonesia. Twitter indeed is currently promoting Twitter Ads, which has been available since last April, massively.

“Overall, Twitter offers more complete tools with easy application, Twitter is not similar to other platforms, meaning that we’re of different nature. Twitter’s platform is mobile-based,” Twitter’s SMB Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific Chatrine Siswoyo stated.

According to the data collected by Twitter, 57% of users admit that they find information on SMEs or startups from Twitter. The survey also found out that 40% of users want to know the latest products and services as well as voice their support towards their favorite brands.

Twitter expects that Twitter Ads’ tools may help SMEs and startups focusing on their marketing based on their budget, without having to spend for the fee of digital agencies, social media strategists, and so on.

Options on Twitter Ads and how you pay for them

There are six options available in Twitter Ads Card which SMEs and startups may use, some of them are Tweet engagement which functions to expand the user’s reach provide more interaction with their users, website clicks or conversion which aims to direct Twitter users to the user’s website and do Call To Action activities, such as signing up, subscribing, and other activities.

There are also Apps install or Apps engagement. The rest are video views (beta), additional followers, and Leads on Twitter which are intended to attract more e-mail addresses, to later be used for direct offers or promos.

“It depends on the company’s objective, whether it aims for direct conversion or brand awareness. They may adjust the budget based on the existing Twitter Ads,” Siswoyo added.

Users may pay for the services using credit card, with its daily rate ranges from 400 thousand to one million Rupiah. However, the poor penetration of credit card among Indonesians might hinder SMEs to use Twitter Ads.

“We’re aware that there are only a few SMEs use credit card so far, but sadly we only support that method at the moment. Hopefully that the number of credit card users will grow, especially those SMEs,” Siswoyo concluded.

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