UGM's Microsoft Innovation Center Develops EduRubric

Michael Erlangga - 28 July 2015

EduRubric (Education Rubric) is a SharePoint-based app that manages teachers, students, learning sessions and classes. Developed by UGM's Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) and Microsoft Indonesia, EduRubric is expected to shift the paradigm of reporting student’s performance, from being a problematic activity to a more productive and less-risk one.

Basically, the risk and time management offered by EduRubric is a simple example of technology adoption at school. The developing team are aware that the challenges of presenting digital concept may add more confidence to teachers as an alternative learning method.

Based on Micosoft’s Office 365, schools will not only adopt email, but also unlimited online storage and online Microsoft Office which enables teachers and students to work everywhere using internet access as well. Office 365 also offers SharePoint Online portal feature that can be used to manage documents as an integrated database.

In its early testing, MIC UGM applies EduRubric at three schools, namely SMP 12 Yogyakarta, SMA 2 Playen Gunung Kidul, and SMP 1 Sedayu, Bantul to formulate how a report card being administered and to address various needs.

According to Dr. Riri Ferdiana, MIC UGM’s Research Advisor, the system accommodates a slight transition between two curriculums, which are curriculum 2006 and curriculum 2013. The scheme will be protected by EduRubric, which moves one assessment model to another according to the common data format standard, like the Dapodik format for instance.

Office 365 and EduRubric can be found within various packages, some are even being offered at no cost at all. If you’re interested, you may register online here.

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