Understanding the Opportunity of “On-Demand” Jobs in the “Gig Economy”

Learned from Job2Go’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kurniawan Santoso in a #SelasaStartup session

Corry Anestia - 12 December 2019

The development of technology generates new phenomena, from the changes in consumer habits, business models, and how to market products or services.

Those things create a new term, the gig economy, that refers to a trend shifting where companies prefer to work with freelancers than permanent workers.

How the gig economy related to the on-demand job? And how technology plays a role in the gig economy era?

For further information, Job2Go‘s Co-Founder and CEO, Kurniawan Santoso has discussed the issue with DailySocial in the #SelasaStartup session.

Creating new opportunities in the gig economy era

Without us knowing, we’re now living in the gig economy era. Picture it in the transportation services, food and drinks, travel tickets, and shopping activities which we’re now doing through applications, is a sign that technology becomes a part of our daily basis.

By understanding the gig economy, Kurniawan sees the high demand of a company to work with freelancers is followed by the trend of “tech-savvy” workers.

“These phenomena started a new era of business that is never existed before,” he said.

Kurniawan exemplifies how he developed an on-demand job search platform named Job2Go. The platform is to connect companies with job seekers. What’s more, this platform can improve the quality of life of workers.

In addition, the on-demand job search platform can conquer one of the biggest issues in Indonesia, it’s the difficulty of finding a job causing the high unemployment rate.

Based on data, there are 100.4 million people in Indonesia with a salary below the minimum standard. The number can create good opportunities for new business.

On-demand job to be the future of millennials

Quoting the former Minister of Manpower, Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri, Kurniawan said the future of millennials is “working without jobs”.

The on-demand jobs will be sought after as trends in contemporary careers develop. In terms of workers, Kurniawan said, 60 percent of them liked flexible work and 43 percent looked for various jobs.

In terms of companies, 40 percent of them strive to improve employee satisfaction and productivity and 37 percent are targeting freelance workers.

“Part-time workers have now become essential for companies due to cost-saving and efficiency. Also, flexibility and additional income are now important for some people, “he said.

He thought, for the developed countries, the gig-economy trend is growing because its population needs additional income. This is the red thread that connects the gig economy and the increase of on-demand jobs.

Technology is the key

Technology plays an important role in the gig economy platform. In connecting companies with job seekers, technology is required to minimize the gap between supply and demand.

Job2Go relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in gathering companies together with job seekers.

“Data intelligence can help recommend the right job. The process is fast and accurate, both for seekers and employers. The most important thing is technology makes accuracy even better, “he explained.

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