Urbanesia Starts Pushing UrPoints, Strike A Deal With DealKeren

Rama Mamuaya - 9 September 2010

For long, Urbanesia have implemented UrPoints, a reward feature for user who add venues, leave comments, rate venues and other social activity on the location-based site. And for long, UrPoints is not an interesting feature to trigger activity on the recently funded website. Usually, UrPoints are exchanged for discounts for concert tickets supported by Urbanesia.

But after a while, Urbanesia finally introduce a feature where user can exchange their UrPoints with an actual deal/promo. A partnership deal with DealKeren is officially implemented on the website where users can now have a purpose for getting more UrPoints.

DealKeren, a groupon-clone site launched last month actively promoting their website via ad placements. Instead of offering only one-deal-per-day deal with Urbanesia, DealKeren prefer to give out all-time deals for Urbanesia users in exchange for their UrPoints. Urbanesia users are able to browse the offers on the UrPoints Store where they can browse deals to exchanged with their UrPoints.

Selina Limman, CEO Urbanesia said that the deal with Dealkeren is not tied down to exclusivity, so there's a chance that Urbanesia is going to strike another deal with other partners. I personally see this as a big opportunity for Urbanesia, they already have their own currency (UrPoints) and in order to increase activity, they could give out good deals and discounts for their active users. What Urbanesia have to do now is to actually implement a sleek social feature where user can interact with other users, because now, frankly, Urbanesia don't interact with each other well enough. is a news portal for startup and technology innovation. You can be a part of`s startup community and innovation members, download our tech research and statistic reports, and engage with our innovation community.

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